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 Glacier ParkThe larger panels (up to 18x24) (shown here with 12x16 panel)are held in place witha small hand clamp(included with each Pochade) -Artist plein air painting equipment Plein air + painting+ equipment+supplies; pochade+ box; paint box, artist paint box, plein air equipment - POCHADE
Glacier Park

The larger panels (up to 18x24)
(shown here with 12x16 panel)
are held in place with
a small hand clamp
(included with each Pochade)

Glacier National Park
June-July 2001

I was invited by Glacier National Park, to be one of their Artist in Residence, which was a wonderful experience of having two weeks to paint the park, being given a cabin on the lake. My painting days ran from sunrise, around 6 a.m. until dark, or 11p.m.

During this time I had days of heavy winds (up to 40 m.p.h.), at which times I counter weighted my tripod with my bag of paints, turp can, etc. (that is, hanging them suspended below my tripod, inches OFF the ground). With creating over 35 paintings, not once did my set up blow over!

I've worked on panels as small as 8x5, 8x10, 12x16 and up to 18x24 on location.

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