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"The Billups Box"Pochade / Storage unit closed -Artist plein air painting equipment Plein air + painting+ equipment+supplies; pochade+ box; paint box, artist paint box, plein air equipment - POCHADE
"The Billups Box"
Pochade / Storage unit closed


When my luggage came thru customs, and not being present during inspection, my painting back pack was opened, and the tripod removed. When they attempted to put the tripod back into the back pack, they hit my pochade so many times with the head of the tripod, and with such force, that they TOTALLY destroyed the tripod, breaking all of the plastic housing off the support steal. HOWEVER, my pochade, which should have been totaled, had only one seam separate, which I fix and repair within an hour!

Unlike wood pochades, which once they are broken, seldom can be repaired, this pochade is made of a "space age plastic", that is easily repaired with industrial acetone (not what you purchase at a regular store). My pochade has fallen off the back of golf carts (while painting with PAPA on Catalina Island from the end of the '80s to mid '90s), it has flown across fields, when the tripod head broke off...and NOT ONCE was the surface ever split, chipped or cracked!! The only problem I have ever had (in a dozen+ years) is that one separated seam!!! Which was repaired in 5 minutes!

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