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Autumn Sunset I 10 x 8PLEIN AIR PAINTING -Paintings of Sunsets Sunset +paintings; paintings of sunsets;sky paintings; clouds;commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned sunset; commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned landscape - Art of Betty J. BillupsSunsets & Dusk Plein Air PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Autumn Sunset I
10 x 8
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(NOTE: This painting was highlighted as a full page image, in an article by Susan McGarry, for American Artist Magazine, February 2004, on NOCTURNS. The published image was 80% washed out, my sky in this article being almost entirely white...thus negating the information I presented for my theory on painting nocturnals!
Hopefully, this image will set the information correctly!)

While teaching a workshop in Scottsdale Arizona, we worked into the early evening, my favorite time to be doing plein air paintings. This and the following two paintings were done consecutively....needless to say, I had to think and paint REAL FAST! (Of course, this is not always a guarantee things will be successful. On the good days, The Force is with you!)
In order for the sun to look light, regardless of what my mind was telling me I was looking at, I had to drop the value of the sky down, so the sun would appear lighter. (Remember, I said artists had to "lie" a lot...or just remember, things are not what they seem!)
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