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Lewis & Clark

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The Tease: Sacajawea & Pomp6" x 4" Oil on Porcelain -miniature paintings+ Lewis and Clark Expedition+Native American paintings - The Fine Art of Betty J. BillupsLewis & Clark
The Tease: Sacajawea & Pomp
6" x 4" Oil on Porcelain
All images copyright © Betty Jean Billups. All rights reserved.

The following images are painted on a porcelain created by the same company that makes the porcelain tiles (but MUCH thicker!!) for the Space Shuttle's prevents far-infared rays from totally melting the nose cone.) These tiles that I use oils on, are created for circuit boards for computers. The fine circuits are placed by suspending gold dust, and somehow, at some point, this dust falls onto the panels, adhering, and creating the computer "chip"....hey, I'm an artist, not a scientist!!! But this is pretty close, just the same!!!

I created these pieces in celebration of the 200th aniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, taking place over the next few years.

My career started in the commercial art field as an Illustrator. Doing research for an Army commission, I journeyed to Montana to do research for the landscape for a painting of Sacajawea. This brought me back to the fine art field when I was offered a one artist exhibit at the Poindexter Gallery at the museum in Helena Montana.

Then years later I met the publisher of a Mountain Man magazine: American Rendezvous Magazine, who not only gave me a major article on my work, published my image on their cover, but also introduced me to Winn Blevins, who wrote many books on the mountain man era. Winn commissioned me to do a painting for his cover of: Charbonneau: Man of Two Dreams (see first image in this section)...thus bringing my career back to the commercial field...the circle completed, by Mother and Son!!

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