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Clouds Over Sand Creek4 feet x 5 feetPLEIN AIR PAINTING -Landscape + Murals+ plein air landscape+commissioned paintings+custom paintings+ custom portrait - MURALS & LARGE PAINTINGSEn Plein Air Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size or color requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Clouds Over Sand Creek
4 feet x 5 feet

This most magnificent creek, coursing it's way south into the Pend Oreille Lake, and perhaps one of the most beautiful natural assets to the Idaho town of Sandpoint, lost its beauty, when a bypass was put in, thus destroying this grove of trees.

This mural was captured, from the parking lot behind the Panada Theater, a month before this scene was lost forever. Just so thankful I was there to capture it! Hope you enjoy the beauty!!

Unlike most creations, where a smaller piece is captured on location, and then the larger is created in the studio, this mural (48" high) was done on location, and then a smaller one was created, in the studio!!

One other almost unimportant event, that the world is probably too large to even consider being of any the rope swing that hangs from one of the highest limbs of the trees to the right, in this painting....This rope swing is shared by many kids of the town...from the smallest 5 and 6 year olds, to high school champs! The life lessons that this rope brings into play, is the kindness that the bigger kids show, toward the youngest and perhaps the weakest of the group...teaching lessons about life, and how we should treat one another...lessons, that cannot be found in any school text book, and with the greatest supervision, could not create a better caring environment!

This is the greatest loss...this, and the beauty that feeds the soul! There is no price that can be put on this quiet meandering creek! It will truly be a sad day, when Sand Creek looses it's gentle, shores, when it looses it's views of the mountains, and the sky that make one feel, they are still in an untouched natural beauty!

Local youngster finds a treasure in Sand Creek
John Breckenridge Jr. (young teenager)

This is a true Sand Creek Story
I`d like you to know,
It all really happened...

Two curious boys
down at the rope swing, Wondering what the last days of
summer vacation would bring.
One boy saw what looked like a tooth,
the other boy said: "Let`s pry it loose."

A girl in the water yelled,
"I found a shovel."

The boys both hollered,
"Pass it up on the double."
They scratched and they dug
using much vigor,
as the group of onlookers
grew, the object got bigger.

They pulled and they pushed
without any luck,
'Til one of the boys
got a rope from Dad`s truck.

They hooked up to the rope
and gave it a tug,
But as hard as they pulled
the thing wouldn't budge.

So some of the onlookers
came to their air,
They all heaved and hoed
then, out came the blade.

They gazed at their find
with really wide eyes,
Amazed by its age
and its enormous size.

This story is true and it just goes to prove
That Sand Creek is something we don`t want to loose.

It`s a wonderful place
to come down to play,
and it's still unveiling
its treasures today.

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