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Sunsets & Dusk
Plein Air Painting

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Last of the Cottonwoods8x10PLEIN AIR PAINTING -Paintings of Sunsets Sunset +paintings; paintings of sunsets;sky paintings; clouds;commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned sunset; commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned landscape - Art of Betty J. BillupsSunsets & Dusk Plein Air PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Last of the Cottonwoods
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The painting I took this from...was a plein air creation...but 48" x 60"!! Yes, THAT one was the "plein air" creation!

In the small town of Sandpoint Idaho, a few years back, they put a by-pass in, that ran right down our Sand Creek, behind town, behind the Panada Theater. Where once this grove of cottonwoods brought quietness and beauty to a parking lot! (At one time, almost every point thru out town, there was "beauty to behold"!!!)

When I found this out, I put together some large 24" wide panels, got on my hands and knees, and painted my heart out, on the larger size. Years later, I decided to reverse that process, and paint a smaller one!

Yep, that is really "backwards" I hear you say! BUT, I do, whatever it takes, to get the best out of this LIFE!!!

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