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Still Life
Alla Prima Painting

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Still Life with Cup8x5 Oil -Floral Still life paintings still life paintings; flower paintings; alla prima flower paintings; - Art of Betty J. BillupsStill Life Alla Prima PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Still Life with Cup
8x5 Oil
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Many people are familiar with Betty Edward's book: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.Well, this painting was a really good example to me, of that concept. I was teaching a workshop, and began with an hour talk on universal art principles. THEN I decided to do a quick demo.
I stood there, trying to figure out where to start, what color makes red (does that say something about my brain "location" is a primary color!)...and felt so confused, that after doing this little piece, almost tossed it away, because I couldn't "see" it...and thought I had failed in what I had set out to do....primarily, because I did not KNOW what I had set out to about confusion!
This is why I always encourage anyone that paints, to set aside anything you do...get it out of your sight for a week or two. Then when you look at it with a fresh eye, you may have been more successful than you had initially thought!

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