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From the Place of the Sun750 LEP 18 x 18 -Native American contemporay paintings Native American paintings; Plains Indian+paintings - Art of Betty J. Billups<BR>NATIVE AMERICAN Any original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
From the Place of the Sun
750 LEP 18 x 18

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This painting is available as a s/n Limited Edition Print (LEP) for $125 this web site.

A professional is someone who makes something very difficult, look very easy.

This piece was created to be a companion of Evening Solitude.
I did not want to create an EXACT mirror image of the other...
I feel when you do, that is COPY something that is successful,
then indirectly you will destroy the spirit of the first,
and in the long run, no one "wins."<BR
So, I set out to play opposites...where the other was ALONE,
this one would be with a "crowd", where the other was warm,
this would be cool (well, at least the shawls...they actually are just the opposite!!),
where the other was quiet, this would be active.

A little note here: Years after I had photographed this, I created it,
and went back to Crow during their annual celebrations.
I had some gifts and money to give to Twyla and her sister,
but I had misplaced the photographs I had taken.
The following year I went back with the photos, and Magdelan said:
"Oh, that's not me, that's my cousin, Myrna!"
Well, years later I finally "found" Myrna,
and gave her several dozen of this limited edition print.
I may be slow, but I do finally achieve my goals!!

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