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Evening Solitude 750 LEP 18x18 -Native American contemporay paintings Native American paintings; Plains Indian+paintings - Art of Betty J. Billups<BR>NATIVE AMERICAN Any original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Evening Solitude
750 LEP 18x18

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A professional is someone who makes something very difficult, look very easy.

When people view my work, they assume it was easy to create.
THIS APPEARS TO BE TRUE, sometimes, because I work
at keeping the colors, values, brush strokes and design as simple as I can.

The day I was finishing this piece, the weeds in front of the shawl, took me literally HOURS to lay in and finish.
Hard to believe. But first they were too BRIGHT...then too LARGE...
then too YELLOW...then too STIFF...then too MANY...then too HARD EDGED...
By 3 a.m. I was ready to throw it out the window!!

And then, I tried one more time! Whew!
Perseverance does pay off!!

Just a little info here on the Indian Culture...
This woman I photographed in the mid '70s.

For years I have tried to find her to give her some gifts,
for allowing me to capture her spirit in my work.
Then one year I had created a small oil on porcelain, of a little girl,
who had this very same shawl draped over her horse...
Surely, I had found the woman, perhaps the little girl's mother!!

So when I was at Crow, I asked Twyla if she knew the girl's family
...she took me to the mother during the parade,
and I showed her the painting I had done, and asked if that was her.
She said No. I said, it had to be, because the shawls were the same.

She informed me that there may be upwards of 30 shawls like this!!
You see, in the Women's Hand Games,
the year before they all decide on a shawl color and decoration...
and this becomes "their uniform," sort of speak. I guess I will never find my solitary woman!

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