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Passages30 x 30 -Montage, figurative, illustration - Art of Betty J. BillupsMontage & Misc.
30 x 30
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Okay...ya got me! This is not a montage!! (The definition of a montage,
multiple images represented in the same format.)

But this piece had no "home" in my listings,
and I still wanted to share it, with it's story...

In 1985 I met a father and his son, Darin, at a rendezvous west of
Glacier National Park. That same year, I moved to north Idaho, and looked forward
to going over and visiting Darin and his beautiful mom, Fran.But that was not to be.

In February of the next year, I received a call that Darin had been killed, when he tried to save a friend from committing suicide! I could not paint for months, I was so devastated.
This painting sat on my easel, staring back at me, unfinished, with no goals of ever being finished. Then one day, in the deep sorrow I felt, I thought of the great gift I had, that Darin no longer shared with us: LIFE!!
And what was I doing with it? I was wasting it. And for Darin, and the gift he gave to another human, I picked up my brushes, and "sensed" the passage he had just gone through, and so I dedicated this piece to him...passing from the shadows, into The Sunlight.


Also, I never list another artist's web site,
but I am making an exception! To KNOW THEY SELF...
is the basis of painting from your soul...
and to understand this, a friend of mine, Tom Clements,
has shared a great deal from his "soul"
if you care to read some of his thoughts on the soul of painting,
please visit his web site:
Tom Clements Website
Click here

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