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U.S. Air Force: C-9 The Florence Nightingale -Montage, figurative, illustration - Art of Betty J. BillupsMontage & Misc.
U.S. Air Force: C-9 The Florence Nightingale
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In 1972 I was asked to be the Vice President and Show Chairman of the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, and to produce their annual show
"Illustration West", which also included publishing their catalog.
Working on this almost single handedly (except for occasional help from Barbara, a pro layout artist), for the first time in SILA's history (before or since), the catalog was out for the opening night of the show!
As a "thank you," I was offered a U.S. Air Force trip to St. Louis to document their C-9, the Florence Nightingale, a medical plane.

Sometime there after, a woman from the Army called, and
offered me a commission
to do a painting for the Centennial...of my "minority." When I asked what that might be, she replied of a "women" who helped develop this country. Well, I almost laughed out loud...
I never considered women a "minority."

Well, I chose Sacajawea, the Shoshone Indian girl that traveled with Lewis and Clark. I found it interesting, that all the accounts relating back to her, either say one of two things: either she was "excess baggage", or that she "pointed the way." Both of which I felt were wrong.

What I did discover in my research, was that she 1) possibly saved the lives of the men of the Expedition. You see, her brother was then chief, and the tribe was going to kill Lewis and Clark and the men, in order to get their firearms, in order to protect themselves against warring tribes. 2) The Expedition needed horses to get over the Lemhi Pass before winter set in, it was August, and the seasons were changing fast. The tribe, although they needed the horses to go on a hunt to prepare for winter, decided to give the white men horses to aid in their continued journey.
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