Art of Betty J. Billups

Snow & Clouds
Plein Air Painting

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Evening Clouds5 x 8Plein Air Painting -paintings + snow; paintings + clouds; landscape; Plein air paintings - Art of Betty J. BillupsSnow & Clouds Plein Air PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Evening Clouds
5 x 8
Plein Air Painting

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This and 21 other images of plein air paintings by Billups
are published in a special edition soft cover book, "200 for 2000",
of the Clymer Museum Show.
The book can be purchase for $20 from this website.
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As I was finishing the painting "End of Winter" (the cover on the Clymer Book),
and I was exhausted...and as I was putting my gear away,
noticed this scene...too beautiful and too "simple" not to attempt to capture.
I'm real glad I hung around! And thank goodness the dirt road was still wet from winter,
and not blowing dust! (So many people who do not paint on location,
will remarks "how wonderful it must be, to have the time and paint any place you choose!"

What they do not realize, is that artists put up with some pretty rough situations from bugs,
wind, rain, constantly changing light, trees loosing all their golden leaves
(actually happened to a friend), boats sinking (yep, that happened, too!),
or sometimes just up and taking off,
half way thru a painting!)

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