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Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size
or color requirement for home or office!

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Mt. San Antonio CollegeCommissioned Mural6x16 feet Plein Air Painting & Studio -Landscape + Murals+ plein air landscape+commissioned paintings+custom paintings+ custom portrait - MURALS & LARGE PAINTINGSEn Plein Air Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size or color requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Mt. San Antonio College
Commissioned Mural
6x16 feet
Plein Air Painting & Studio
All images copyright © Betty Jean Billups. All rights reserved.

Back in the mid '70s my folks were moving back to a family home on the East Coast that has been in our family since 1663. Mom was doing her first and only garage sale. Having recently finished getting my BA from the old Los Angeles Art Center College of Design on Third Street, I was gleaning some of the work I had created, that I could not use for my illustration portfolio. By happenstance, a fella I had 2 years of grade school with, Chris O'Hearn, just happened by Mom's garage sale, and purchased one of my watercolors, for $25. Time passed for all of us...

Then in February of 2006 I had a phone call, from Chris, who was now president of Mount SAC College!! He had decided to reframe that little water color, and wondered what the heck had happened to me...found my web site, called, and offered me a commission, for a new building they had at the college, of Mount Baldy, also knows as Mount San Antonio, a massif of the San Bernardino Mountains, which lies within view of the college.

So, I headed out, for Walnut Cafornia...the first 6 days in the area, the haze was so dense, visibility was only about a mile! FINALLY, the air cleared, and the San Bernardino Mountains could be seen!! I drove all over town, trying to get a view of Mount Sac which was next to impossible, due to all the buildings. Finally, waiting for a signal to change, I noticed a 45° slant up the side of a building: an empty parking lot, on a second level!! There was not a single car in that parking lot! Boy, had I been blessed! As I laid out the 16 feet of canvas panels, suddenly a door opened and a very LARGE guard, came toward me, with his hand on his hip (gun!?!?) Come to find out, all the 2nd story parking lots had been closed, due to drive by shootings at that time! BUT, after explaining why I was there, I received permission to stay! WHEW!!!

I did the entire mountain "en plein air"...all 16 feet of canvas!!

Then I spent several days driving about 200 miles around Southern California, trying to find some eucalyptus trees. To me the "visual history" of southern California, is marked heavily with these trees! I was able to lay the panels out, at another artist's home, Elin Pendleton, and painted the entire bottom section of the mural with a grove of Eucs.

The clouds were created from about a dozen 16x20 plein air paintings I had done for the first large mural I had, back in 1990. Close ups will show a splattering of turquoise, mauves, blues, etc, that give little areas of excitable color....since it is in a walking space, and needed something besides large juicy brush strokes!!!

The mural was installed, and the wood shop on the campus did the installation, finishing it off with black teak, trimming the entire mural, and separating each pane, with my infamous "black lines"!!

One added blessing came from this mural. Dr. O'Hearn offered me a one artist exhibition at the Mt. SAC Gallery, where 150 originals were hung for the spring of 2007!

Both my husband (Robert Walton) and I have worked on many murals for the
for the Washington town of Toppenish.
These murals were created on 24" high panels, with variable widths:
18", 24", 36" & 48" in order to mount on any interior wall,
and moved easily if need be.
The black lines that run thru out each creation,
is the space between panels.

Feel free to contact us, if you have a need for a
large mural, indoors or out! Please inquire.

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