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Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size
or color requirement for home or office!

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Sunset Over Priest Lake 24x42PLEIN AIR PAINTING -Landscape + Murals+ plein air landscape+commissioned paintings+custom paintings+ custom portrait - MURALS & LARGE PAINTINGSEn Plein Air Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size or color requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Sunset Over Priest Lake



I just want to tell you how much I LOVE YOUR WORK!
I just went through every page on your website and I am SO INSPIRED!

I'm an aspiring artist and have been fumbling my way trying to "self teach" myself (like you said,
if there is such a thing) how to oil paint over the past few years.
Let me just say, I haven't created any masterpieces yet,
but I have been reading every art book I can get my hands on
and "soaking up" as much "free instruction" on the Internet as I can...
but oil painting is a lot harder than I ever imagined.
During the past 3 years of my "intensive study,"
I have probably started over 150 paintings and only actually finished one--maybe two!
I tend to get frustrated when my paintings don't turn out as well
as I'd planned (or hoped they would),
and then I don't know what to do next to fix them.
So, I quickly lose interest, set the painting aside,
and want to start something new again.
I don't feel like I am progressing as much as I should be at this point,
and it's very frustrating because I am really trying hard to learn. UGH!

Do you have any pointers for me?
I would welcome any advice you might have that would be helpful
(i.e., any good books, websites or educational resources that you would recommend?).
I'm really interested in step-by-step demonstrations that will take me through the painting process from start to finish.
Any tips or helpful hints you might have would be very much appreciated.
Thank you so much for all the inspiration! Now, if I

Warmest regards, Susan

Hello Susan....thank you for the warm sharing of thoughts! You sound like me,
when I was learning how, when and why...anything with painting!
THE MAIN THING is always keep the passion you feel!
THAT is more important than all the knowledge....well, in a way!!

I do have a book I wrote on Plein Air Painting, which has ten different approaches to painting, laying it out, etc...
the "finish" is pretty much each of our signatures!
BUT, the foundation, there is no absolute, only one way to lay in a painting!
AND depending on how you lay it in, will determine it's final outcome...
at least with the way I paint.

I personally feel that altho we need to be "in control", the real creative spark comes from
not being TOTALLY in control, at least in one sense!!

Creativity comes from reaching into the unknown, and having enough faith to JUMP!!!
My personal feeling, is that if you are in total control,
you leave no room for true creativity to blossom!!

Warm Regards!! Betty

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