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Catalina Island
Plein Air Painting

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Light on Yonder Hill10 x 8PLEIN AIR PAINTING -CATALINA ISLAND, plein air painters of America, paintings, ocean, harbors, eucalyptus, bourgainvilleas,commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned landscape - Art of Betty J. BillupsCatalina Island Plein Air PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Light on Yonder Hill
10 x 8

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One year after arriving at Catalina, I had to visit the health clinic, due to something I had "caught"...found out I had walking pnemonia. While I was setting outside, waiting for the clinic to open, the fog was in, and this scene haunted me for two days, until I could return, with my paints, and attempt to capture it. I was blessed, because we had another foggy morning!
The thing I really liked about it, was the simplicity, of shapes, values and colors. And with just a touch of light breaking thru the morning fog.
I went back to this scene in the fall of 2002, thinking I would see the same thing...ha ha...the palms are almost out of sight, don't have the skirts any longer. In short, this scene is a part of history, now!
Keeping with the spirit of things
the following is also shared with you!

Also, I never list another artist's web site, but I am making an exception!


should be the basis of painting from your soul
(which has always been my philosophy,
more important than any sales, or any approval!)
...and to understand this, a friend of mine, Tom Clements,
has shared a great deal from his "soul"...
if you care to read some of his thoughts on the soul of painting,
please visit his web site:

PLEIN AIR PAINTERS OF AMERICA (PAPA) Billups had training in the commercial art field, and knew that consistent and well designed ads were very important, for developing a following, she set up a 10 year campaign for PAPA in which she produced all the ads that has created this AWESOME PLEIN AIR MOVEMENT thru out the USA.

Throughout each year from 1987 thru 1996, she created ads, promoting PAPA in 3 to 5 major publications including: SOUTHWEST ART MAGAZINE, ART WEST, ARTISTS OF THE ROCKIES, ART OF THE WEST, ART TALK, and a few times in Art Connoisseur Magazine.

As a result, PAPA went from a membership of around 24 members, to a select membership of 35 nationally and internationally known artists, and for many whose names have received recognition thru their association with PAPA.

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