Evening Interlude
36x24 OIL

Evening Interlude36x24 OIL -Paintings of Women figurative paintings; paintings of figures; impressionism; commissioned paintings;commissions;commissioned portrait - Art of Betty J. BillupsFIGURATIVE: Women in WhiteAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Evening Interlude
36x24 OIL

Years ago, when I decided to explore "the color of white",
I chose to do so with items that were naturally "white."
This has become known as my
"WOMEN IN WHITE" series!

When I first approached this idea, I also wanted animals to be included,
and so I located a small flock of these magnificent geese,
close to where I use to live.

Not really thinking, I shot numerous rolls of film (pre-computer days!),
and it wasn't till I started working with this idea,
that I suddenly did not know: "...how 'tall' is a goose?"!?!?! UG!

This creation was the result of that lack of knowledge!
BUT, I was blessed, with this one painting, because it became
actually a powerful statement, regarding women in general:
by making the woman almost monumental!!

And isn't that what all of us, are trying to find within ourselves:
Our personal power!!

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