Jewel of the Sierras
Mount Tallac
28x22 Oil

Jewel of the SierrasMount Tallac28x22 OilPLEIN AIR PAINTING -Sierra Mountain paintings Sierra Mountains+paintings; California Sierra Neveda Mountains, John Muir Quotes - Art of Betty J. Billups<BR>The Sierras Plein Air PaintingAny original can be Ordered as a Canvas enhanced Giclee print to fit your size requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
Jewel of the Sierras
Mount Tallac
28x22 Oil
All images copyright © Betty Jean Billups. All rights reserved.

There is sublimity
in the life of a glacier.
Water rivers work openly,
and so the rains
and the gentle dews ...
the universal ocean of breath,
though invisible,
yet speaks aloud in a
thousand voices...
but glaciers work
apart from men,
exerting their tremendous energies
in silence and darkness,
outspread, spirit-like,
brooding above
predestined rocks
unknown to light, unborn,
working on unwearied
through unmeasured times,
unhalting as the stars,
until at length,
their creations complete,
their mountains brought forth,
homes made for the meadows and the lakes,
and fields for waiting forests,
earnest, calm as when they came as crystals
from the sky, they depart.
John Muir

One evening storm clouds rushed over Lake Tahoe, and unlike many other nights at sunset, when they would just as quickly vanish from the same direction from whence they came...this one night, they lingered on! I worked feriously to capture the emotional feelings I had for them...leaving a space for Mount Tallac...which I was blessed to capture the next morning, at guess you could call this piece a "time lapse plein air painting!"

Keeping with the spirit of things
the following is also shared with you!


should be the basis of painting from your soul
(which has always been my philosophy,
more important than any sales, or any approval!)

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created from a person's very soul!
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