The Monarchs 11 feet x 6 feet
The bottom portion can be created to your preference of views!

The Monarchs 11 feet x 6 feetAVAILABLE! The bottom portion can be created to your preference of views! -Landscape + Murals+ plein air landscape+commissioned paintings+custom paintings+ custom portrait - MURALS & LARGE PAINTINGSEn Plein Air Any of these originals can be custom ordered to any size or color requirement for home or office!For More OriginalsClick here
The Monarchs 11 feet x 6 feet
The bottom portion can be created to your preference of views!
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The paintings in this section were created in a combination of plein air and studio work. The landscapes were created on location, since this is the only way I can truly find the colors and undulating forms that the camera can seldom capture! The cloud portion was created in the studio, using plein air paintings that I did over the past 15 years, adapting the colors and forms to compliment the landscapes.

The original studies were any where from 16x20 to 8x10. Since all of the panels are only 2 feet wide, it makes transportation and hanging extremely easy.

This painting of the Monarch range, a part of the eastern shore of Lake Pend Oreille, just south of Sandpoint Idaho, and was photographed installed at the home of a nationally known builder, Skip and Nancy Pucci, whose work has been covered numerous times in Architectural Digest Magazine.

All of these murals and large paintings were created on location, en plein air, for the land portion of the mural. The upper panels often times are created in the studio, taking the images of clouds from 20 plein air paintings I have captured over the past 15 years, finding the "right one" to capture the total feeling of the moment.


January 17, 2001 Mollie Del Sordo

Your web site is fantastic!!!
Your paintings display themselves beautifully.
We wish you mucho, mucho hits on the site
and lots of sales and very well established identity
[wrong word] but I'll think of the right one by morning.
Love, Mollie

Both my husband (Robert Walton) and I have worked on many murals for the
for the Washington town of Toppenish.
These murals were created on 24" high panels, with variable widths: 18", 24", 36" & 48"
in order to mount on any interior wall, and moved easily if need be.
The black lines that run thru out each creation, is the space between panels.

Feel free to contact us, if you have a need for a large mural, indoors or out! Please inquire.

To view Robert's art, hope you will visit:

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