Hillside Splendor
Catalina Island CA
Plein Air Painting

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Hillside Splendor
Catalina Island CA
Plein Air Painting
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These are the gates to the Wrigley Mansion, you can see Avalon Bay
off to the right. This piece was created in the studio,
the original was 16 x 20, and painted on location.

This piece, like the large lake scene under Rivers & Lakes, was created with the interior designer in mind. With the softer pastel affect (tho done in oils), it would go well in a person's home, and not dominate the room it graced...allowing other elements, such as fresh flowers, etc, to sit in front of it, and be more important. I do this, because it is nice to NOT look at important things in ones everyday life. This way, you never tire of the scene! And the painting can "grow" on you and remain fresh, and not be over bearing.

In the early days of the PAPA "invasion", this hillside was a real challenge for many of its members!

Keeping with the spirit of things
the following is also shared with you!

Also, I never list another artist's web site, but I am making an exception!


should be the basis of painting from your soul
(which has always been my philosophy,
more important than any sales, or any approval!)
...and to understand this, a friend of mine, Tom Clements,
has shared a great deal from his "soul"...
if you care to read some of his thoughts on the soul of painting,
please visit his web site:
Tom Clements Website
Click here

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