THE 8X10 POCHADE showing
storage and setup for painting

THE 8X10 POCHADE showing storage and setup for painting -Artist plein air painting equipment Plein air + painting+ equipment+supplies; pochade+ box; paint box, artist paint box, plein air equipment - POCHADE
THE 8X10 POCHADE showing
storage and setup for painting

In the year 2007 Barry John Raybould commissioned me to create a pochade for him, using special requests for his particular needs.

Here is a shot of the pochade with the open palette, which folds in half to store in the top of the box. There is a small "fence" around the area that you put your oil paint, so that when the palette is closed, the paint is protected from being squished!!

The space below, has storage to hold 7 or 8 wet panels.

I use "door skins", which are 7x4 foot panels (used to repair hollow core doors, you can purchase from most lumber companies) Be sure to get BIRCH door skins, because they have NO knotholes.

I gesso the entire section three times, once on the back (to keep from warping). Then cut them up to 8x10, 12x16 and 16x20 sections.

For my turp, I put two S hooks into the side of a small tuna can...and hook it over the door flap. As shown, the clamp can be used to secure any size panel to the lid, so the wind doesn't toss it off. As mentioned, I've done up to 16x20 paintings, using this method.

This pochade is NOT designed
to be used with STRETCHED canvas!

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