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by B.J.Billups

Article written for THE AFFLUENT PAGE MAGAZINE 2009 - Article written for AFFLUENT PAGE MAGAZINEFOR LOVE OR MONEYby B.J.Billups

About the only thing that is more wasteful than copying another artist creation, is to copy your own discoveries! That is not to say, that a person has to constantly swap horses, to constantly be different, for different sake...but to dive into an adventure, falling if need be, looking foolish possibly to others, if one can discover another nook, or cranny... to open another door.

THIS IS NOT TO SAY, to discover new adventures requires using mind altering drugs, but to grab deep within oneself, to find the joy and adventure of discovering hidden treasures, and to learn how to express this to the world, to share this treasure with others, in a new and refreshing manner!

What is the purpose or need for owning fine art?

Primarily to feed the soul! The soul is not touched only by spiritual readings and understandings, or by human touch, music, and poetry... it also benefits by the beauty of a sunset, the sweep of a cloud across a deep cobalt sky. And often times, the mundane elements of Life, have tremendous beauty in the nuances that embrace her!

These elements can be captured thru the artist's brush, which sometimes opens doors of appreciation for those too busy to look at the soft afternoon haze on a hillside, as evening approaches. Then an artist has truly given a great gift to a people almost blinded by their daily mundane experiences.

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