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November 07, 2002
Tom Battles

Your works of art at the Clymer Museum show were wonderful.
So much joy and happiness was apparent in each one of your works
that I had very positive warm feelings while viewing your show.
The comments I heard while there were very, very positive also.
Everyone seemed to feel the energy and happiness
you have included in your paintings.

As a major American plein aire painter and teacher,
you are at the top in my opinion..
Good luck in all of your future projects and shows.
The art world needs you as a guiding light of what is possible
to accomplish when you love being an artist
with all of your heart and soul.

I wanted you to know that the Clymer soft cover book comes with me.
It is my "fine art crutch" and because of it I am inspired, increasingly confident,
and moving forward strongly with my painting.
It is a gem, and your paintings are still the BEST."
Canadian Artist

In the year 2000 Billups set a goal to create 200 miniature plein air paintings (ranging from 5x8 to 8x16), traveling the western states, from Palm Springs and Catalina Island in Southern California, to Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, which she accomplished by mid December. Then, in January of 2001, she was offered a one artist exhibition at the John Clymer Museum, in Ellensberg Washington.

She was informed at the end of the exhibit, that it was the best received exhibit they had had in a long time, with a record turn out of visitors. This soft cover book reproduces 22 of the original 200 paintings. There is one image per page, the image sizes ranging from 4.25 x 7 inches (as seen on the cover art), to 5.5 x 7 inches (of 8x10 original paintings). Throughout the book are quotes from Plato, Emerson, Sitting Bull, and a few poems by the artist herself.

If you would like to view some of the 24 paintings,
please see the following on this web site:

"Summer Storm".

"Summer Silhouettes", 'Nite at Deer Lodge", & "Final Goodbye" .

"Black Rocks of Shark".

"End of Winter" (Cover to the book).


The Clymer Museum book was a wonderful treat. The paintings are depicted in fine detail right down to the lush brush strokes. Each painting is a perfect gem. Betty has the knowledge and skill to paint light in all its wonderous variety which is a difficult task seldom achieved successfully by many artists.
Mona Vivar, artist


As the waves continue to wash ashore
rushing to meet the new sunrise,
As all the centuries before~
come peace or come war...
never a day let by:

It teaches us to be the same
with our lives, that are so rare~
Some waves they come a crashing
with might and force and flare;
While others come on gentler terms
and roll onto the shore.

Others gather, a way out there
and seem to have a long ride in
While others seem, born too late
as they form, and dash upon the shore.

Yet everyone has a beauty
from delicate form, to awesome strength~
Being their best, not counting the score.


We hope you enjoy these new plein air images. There are a total of 26 full color images in the soft cover book, with one image per page, (image size in book: 7 x 5.5 and 3.5 x 6 inches), with select quotes and poems. If you know of any collectors that may be interested in plein air paintings, we hope you will forward this information to them. Please let us know your thoughts and feelings.

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