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Joseph & Danica Henninger


Because of the great influence that her instructors had on Betty's life, she also has spent her career sharing information to "wanna-be-artists", and so, this web site on the majority of the pages, there are thoughts on art principles, ideas, suggestions... in short, this is really a teaching site!!

One of her most beloved instructors from the prestigious Los Angeles
Art Center College of Design, located at that time on Highland and just east of 3rd Street, was Joseph Morgan Henninger. He and his beloved wife, Danica, became Betty's life time art and personal supporters and friends.

Another instructor from LAACCD, was a very dear and caring artist-teacher, Reynold Brown, who did many of the old Movie Posters of renown, like Ben Hur. Reynold greatly influenced Billups with his passion and concern for his students...and gave them the "burn" to go beyond what they believed they possibly could! Reynold and his beloved wife Mary Louise became greatly loved and cherished personal friends of the artist. With Reynold's passing, Mary Louise and Betty have remained in close contact over the years...and Mary Louise herself has returned to the fine art field with great creations of her own!

Also at the Los Angeles Art Center of Design, she studied with Don Putt Putman, who introduced her to the magnificent world of color! And his enthusiasm and passion for painting sparked the soul of adventure in her!

Ten years after graduating from ACCD, she finally met Dan McCaw, whose work she had admired since the mid 70s. When she first came to study with Dan, she mentioned a painting he had done back in'77 that she had seen at the Pepper Tree Show...that she drooled her surprise that same painting had just been shipped back to Dan's studio!! And is now in Billups collection!!!

The years of study with Dan at his studio greatly enhanced her style, which had always been rather loose.
For years, every gallery she was in, encouraged her to "tighten up" so they could sell her work. She wouldn't, being true to what was in her heart...that which is observed in her work today, both in the studio and with her plein air paintings.
Then finally around the mid '70s, "A Day in the Country",
a major museum exhibition caused a major influence with American artists:
to loosen up!!! Finally, her work became more acceptable!!!

Her main influences (taken from history)include the Spanish painter Sorolla, Corot, Monet, Monet, Turner, Corot, Van Gogh, as well as the early California Impressionists and colorists such as Franz Bischoff, Edgar Payne, Granville Redmond, and Guy Rose, and others, the Oaklnad Society of Six, the Canadian landscapists known as the Group of Seven.

Billups, the winner of Grand Purchase Awards and blue ribbons in national and international shows, has been featured in many art magazines throughout her career, including Southwest Art, U.S. Art, Art talk, Sun Storm Publications, Art West, InformArt, to name a few.
The subjects depicted dealt with her Native American, her Women in White series, and her plein air paintings

The year 2002 also found her work in a museum publication, coinciding with her one artist exhibition: Clymer Museum: 200 for 2000, a 24 page, full color catalogue of some of her plein air paintings, that were created in the year 2000. (retails for $20, on this web site...less than 60 copies left!)

With late spring 2002, in conjunction with her up coming one artist museum show (Hockaday Museum of Art, Kalispell MT), another 32 page color catalogue will be available, of a collection of most of the 35 plein air paintings she created during her Artist in Residence at Glacier National Park . It also will be an 8 1/2 x 11 format.

2004 her still life ORANGES AND PEONIES was included in the publication: "How did you paint that? 100 ways to paint Flowers & Gardens"Published by

2004 her plein air painting RIVER REFLECTIONS was included in the publication: "How did you paint that? 100 ways to paint Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes"

May 2004 her painting "I Am the Sunlight" received a 3rd Place Award in an International Competition.

August 2005 was the unveiling of her first large (96 pages in full color) publication that is a part of a series on 10 Projects You Can Paint, published by International Artist Publications. The title to her creation is:

10 Projects in Impressionism En Plein Air

This publication was the first the publisher had created en plein air, and has been sold out since 2006, however Billups still has a few signed copies available from her web site.

At this same time, she was offered a full hard bound edition of her work that was to include landscape, figuratives, floral, & drawings....similar to the Dan McCaw book that International Art Publishers had created. However, when she asked to be paid for the 10 Projects book (only $2000 for 6 months of work), the publisher decided not to pursue the hard bound copy!

In the mid 90s she helped jury the annual prestigious California Art Clubs' Exhibit, with her friend, Neil Boyle and her beloved instructor, Joseph Henninger. The difficulty was watching, as some categories with only seven entries had six awards handed out, and then one category with over 200 entries, having the same six many wonderful images, not being able to acknowledge them in the process.
Prior to that, she had juried many California exhibitions, giving awards to abstracts and sculptures, applying the same knowledge and principles needed in creating two dimensional as well as 3 dimensional art. She has also been invited to jury water color organizations, since she juries based on principles, and not her person style or media.

Along with Joseph Henninger, she totally agrees that art should not be "juried" in the first place. If so, only to create a "minimum standard of performance", that is, what level of accomplishment a show should exhibit. Cream rises to the top, and to pick one painting over another, is almost insane! That would be like going to a major museum, and declaring that one of Velazquez's paintings was "superior" to another one, or to choose who is the "better" painter: Homer, Degas or Levitan. Jurying is more a statement regarding the juror, then it is a statement about the art being reviewed!

Her work hangs in collections throughout the U.S., Canada, Israel, Africa, and Japan. Some of these collections also are the home of Picassos, Henry Sharps, and other leading contemporary artists of the U.S. Some of the public collections include: The Royal Palms Hotel of Phoenix AZ (who own 4 of her plein air paintings); the United States Air Force; Alamita Corporation of Tucson AZ (Native American painting), Mount San Antonio College of Southern CA, to name a few. Of the private collections, most enjoy many of her plein air paintings, with scatterings of her studio works.

In addition to the Marriott Hotels, some of her clients include Bank of America, Fluor Corporation, Max Factor, Knotts Berry Farm, Genstar Mortgage and St. John's Hospital of Santa Monica, California.

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