The Fine Art of
Betty J. Billups

Soft Cover Book

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You might want to share this info with friends. As an artist I designed it, and also my web site, so that any one, any where on the face of the earth, can get a great "workshop" and improve their knowledge on creating strong, powerful paintings. "Copying" any one else's art, should ONLY BE FOR THE REASON: TO LEARN!! Throughout the history of mankind, students have "studied" art, thru their teachers' eyes! AND, to be a COMPLETE artist, they eventually broke away...and so should you. If you do not, you will merely be a "second hand" need to FIND YOUR OWN SOUL in expression...but, workshops, such as this one, is to give you a "vocabulary" of knowledge, of "how to", "why" and "when"...the final expression needs to COME FROM YOUR HEART!!!

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