BEYOND PAINTINGS...Just for fun!!

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"Art" beyond painting: Beaded Creations / Painted Hides / !? - BEYOND PAINTINGS...Just for fun!!
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I received a commissioned to do a Native Painting, on an animal hide (which was imported from Turkey), for a client on the East coast.

Van is a Ferrier, and obviously loves horses. He has had 9 horses...and merely by happenstance, there are 9 horses on this creation!!

There is about 5 times the amount of time, on the THINKING, than there was on the actual painting, of this creation. Because leather is 100% NON-FORGIVING for mistakes, I had to be sure, what I put where, was what I wanted there! LOL!


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"Art" beyond painting: Beaded Creations / Painted Hides / !? - BEYOND PAINTINGS...Just for fun!!
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This is a close up the the Center Stip...which on historic hides, that Native people created...this was usually created with seed beads (without research, I am almost certain quill work was primarily for clothing) ... but with this creation, the entire unit was painted.

All of the animals, I had a totally loose, impressionistic brush reflect the free spirits that horses possess. The bison in the center, chosen, because the bison was truly the "center" of survival for an ancient people.

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"Art" beyond painting: Beaded Creations / Painted Hides / !? - BEYOND PAINTINGS...Just for fun!!
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This is just a closer view of the above selection...hopefully the brush strokes can be seen...also a reflection of how I enjoy painting!

Back in the mid '70s when I first entered the "fine art field" of painting...I did ONE tight (photo-realistic) the time I was finished, I was "bored out of my gourd"! And proceeded to figure out how to use PAINT in a loose juicy, style, so the paint was also "felt" and experienced!

When I had a nice body of work finished, and framed, I "hit the road." I went to galleries in Scottsdale AZ, Santa Fe, Denver CO, etc. Every gallery I brought my works into...they sat on the floor, and the owner with barely turning his head to look at them said practically the same thing: "We can't handle your work." I asked why. They said: "We don't market loose paintings..."

Then in 1984, a major European IMPRESSION Exhibition called "A Day in the Country" began at the L.A.Art Museum, and went across the country. By the time it hit New York, practically every painter in the USA was attempting to paint loose, juicy paintings!!! THEN, my work was lost in the shuffle!

So much for "BEING AHEAD OF THE TIMES"!!!!

And, one last close up...more to see the beautiful beads that were placed in 6 different locations on the hide. The 3 at the top, also had a "loop" of beads, so that the hide could be hung on a wall, without puncturing the hide!

And, since I believe most painting Indian hides were probably done with one person in mind, thus capturing their life and history, thru the pictures...I also wanted to honor this Farrier, Van, with his initials...but keeping it decorative! There are also 3 or 4 places on the hide, with his "logo" as a farrier: a capital "M" on a curve (like a rocking horse would have)...with a horse shoe atop the "M" support!!

Also, this first pony, was one of his great loves: Romeo Rascal!! This the special markings!!!

And one last view of some of the beads!! Not easily seen here, but I had this one little bison charm, for the past 20 years. Well, it finally found a HOME, here, on this creation!

20 years, maybe make that 35 years!!! Back in the early '80s, I had created a painting for the U.S.Air Force, called THE NIGHTINGALE (which you can view here on my web site, under MONTAGE).

A representative from the Army contacted me, after seeing this painting, and asked me to create one for the U.S.Arm Art Collection. Having studied art with some great instructors, who pounded in the importance of being correct in whatever we illustrated (instructors like Joseph Morgan Menninger, Reynold Brown, Midge Quenelle), I headed to the NW to do research, on the path that Lewis and Clark took, with a Frenchman, and his wife Sacajawea.

As a result of that trip, I discovered that in the mountains, there were many "mountain man rendezvous", living in tipis, wall tents, laying out trade blankets, and having black powder shoots. I was blessed to partake in these for YEARS, 4 or 5 times each year, and got into having a trade blanket, selling antique trade beads! Then, a number of years, did 16x12 oil portraits of any buck skinners willing to model for me! What great years those were!!

Then, due to these trips to Crow Fair, in SE Montana, I ended up moving to a 200 acre ranch NE of Sandpoint ID. And have lived in the NW ever since!!!

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