Giclee Reproductions

The Giclee process begins by scanning the original artwork. Once scanned, all aspects of the image can be manipulated to achieve the truest result.

Printing uses a four-color, digitized process in which four million droplets of permanent color ink, are sprayed per second, to varying thicknesses called "stochastic screening". These minuscule, random dots create higher image detail and allow greater ink densities to improve tonal range and contrast.

There are several advantages to the newer technology in printing :

1. Superior color and reproductive quality,
and museum quality permanence.

2.They are created one at a time.
Making it possible for an artist
to publish smaller editions.

3. And also the ability to size an image
to fit a person's financial
and "wall space" requirements!!

The following prices are for ENHANCED CANVAS REPRODUCTIONS.
is a process where the entire surface has a medium added,
mimicking the brush strokes of the painting.
that leaves the surface looking like an original,
instead of merely the surface of the canvas catching the light!
Doing this is time consuming ...
which 80% of print artists DO NOT OFFER!


16x20 : 350.00
18x24 : 425.00
20x20 : 480.00
20x24 : 480.00
20x30 : 775.00
22x28 : 600.00
24x24 : 650.00
24x30 : 775.00
24x36 : 850.00
30x30 : 850.00
30x40 : 995.00

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